Poet of the Month: Robert M. Drake

Intro to segment:

I first heard of Robert M. Drake on Instagram because many celebrities follow him and repost his poems on their own profiles. He is a published poet, living in Miami, Florida, of a new book called “Beautiful Chaos.” I’ve tried to find his poetry other places online (other than Instagram) and have been unsuccessful. If you’d like to follow him, his instagram name is @rmdrk. (You don’t need to have an instagram account to view his profile)

Robert M. Drake’s style:

Robert is an elusive writer of both personal and general human observations. He writes a lot about being in love and his past. However, he writes a lot of inspirational poems about the world we live in and the potential within all of us. I think a large part of his appeal is that he turns facts and opinions into beautiful combinations of words that almost everyone can use to meet each other in the middle.
His writing is very informal, he really wants his readers to feel like they know him. He slams us with heavy thoughts while never using regular grammar constraints. For instance, he always starts his poems with a lowercase word and often the word “and.” He almost never capitalizes the letter “I” which takes some getting used to; because even in our most informal ways of writing, we all still tend to use the uppercase “I” when referring to ourselves.

Why does my poetry relate to his?

Robert’s style is a lot like last month’s poet, Michael Lottner, in that they both use nature in their comparisons to real life situations. How I relate to Robert’s poetry is that he writes a lot about people and himself. I am constantly using the word, “I.” I admit that it is something that I have been working on changing, but it is a very hard habit to kick.
We both also enjoy writing about women. Whether real or fictional, there is something magically poetic about writing the words, “she” and “her.” I use it to avoid writing from the first person perspective and to write about painful or scarring experiences that I am not yet ready to claim as my own. But these words don’t always have to refer to people, in a recent post by him he uses them to relate to his love for writing. However, I think this is able to be interpreted.

from chaos to lullabies,
i watched her live my
thoughts and soon enough
she became my favorite
story. she was everything,
and with every word, she
drew me closer. she drew
me into her story, a story
i know i would never be
able to understand.

r.m. drake

Last thoughts:

You can tell that Robert M. Drake is a heavy thinker. He presents ideas about the kind of person he is, what love is like or can be like and how humans are in general. The human images he’s encountered have resonated with him and in return he get’s to write about them in beautiful ways. He is a very talented writer that I hope to see more of.

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