Popular types of Poetry

Recently, a friend came to me and said, “I think it’d be interesting to know where poetry came from and what kinds of poetry are most popular.” So I decided to investigate this the answer to these questions.  There is apparently not much to be said about poetry’s origin, sprouting from Greece. It is seemingly like every other form of art- recited/performed orally before eventually being written down.
As for the other part, the most popular poems, I was seriously surprised at what I found. I searched for most popular forms of poetry and used Google trends to compare them. I searched my favorite kinds first, Prose and Slam poetry. Neither one was in the top four. The most popular form of poetry is in fact a Limerick poem (followed by an ode, sonnet and a ballad). So, let’s go through these!

These poems usually follow the “aabba” rhyming scheme. They are usually short poems about silly or funny topics. They are pretty short and to me, they sound like nursery rhymes.

There are three types of Ode’s; Pindaric, Horatian and Irregular. Each of them are pretty similar, containing one consistent rhyming sound throughout the whole poem. However, each type has it’s own characteristics. The differences are mostly in the style and appearance rather than the content.

There are two main types of sonnet’s;  the Petrarchan and the Shakespearean Sonnet. Each type follows a certain a-b and c-d rhyming patterns.  Something that makes sonnet’s different from the previously mentioned poems is that this rhyming pattern varies stanza by stanza, and each stanza is a certain amount of lines.

This is my favorite type of poem out of the four! A ballad tells the reader a story without saying exactly what is happening. The rhyming pattern isn’t nearly as strict, and they are usually compared to songs and song lyrics based on their origin.

SO- Let’s play a game. Guess that type of poem! I will show you a poem and you guys can comment on what type of poem you think it is. I’ll tell you guys on the next post what the answer is! If a lot of you participate, this can become a regular thing. Okay, here we go….

Guess what kind of poem this is and write it in the comments! The answer will be revealed in the next post!


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