Poet of the Month: Rudy Francisco

Intro to Segment:

I went through a phase this summer and part of last year when I looked up artists performing slam poetry, whether at a collegiate level or just in general. I even replayed them over and over, adding them to a playlist on youtube that I’d just let play as I was getting dressed in the morning. I will most-likely use the poets I’ve heard from Button Poetry’s youtube channel for the next few Poet of the Month’s. But this month, I chose Rudy Francisco, a poet from San Diego, California who has won several slam poetry competitions and has an incredible online presence so it’s pretty easy to follow him.

Rudy’s style:

Rudy writes about love a lot and his experiences with love. He strings many metaphors together to paint the bigger picture of what has happened to him. He delves into the deeper, more sentimental memories from his past and creates beauty from a source of pain. What I love about Rudy’s poetry is that there is no picture too grand or too spectacular to use when describing someone’s life.

"Dear hands- I know you love poetry but you can't bring a metaphor to a fistfight." - Rudy Francisco, "The Body"
“Dear hands- I know you love poetry but you can’t bring a metaphor to a fistfight.”
– Rudy Francisco, “The Body”

To me, he is the stereotypical poet. He performs poetry that you’d expect to come from someone who just sits and observes life at a restaurant as it’s happening around him. His performances are so vivid that as I’m writing this post I am listening to him and I have to stop…. because I feel for him. I feel empathy for the poet and for the experiences he’s had. If Rudy Francisco is actually writing his poems based on stories he’s collected in his head than he’d be a hell of a fiction writer. The best part, I’d have to say, is that every person he writes about has meant something to him. So much so that he not only wrote a poem about them but he performed it and reenacted it through his body language. That is amazing.
My favorite poem by Rudy is called “Scars,” but I’d like you to check these out as well:


Why does my poetry relate to his?

I’d say over 90% of the poetry I write has been from personal experience. However, I have to say Rudy is the kind of poet I aspire to be. His use of complex metaphors that are still simple to understand for the average spectator is a talent you are either born with or have been working at. I am currently at the “working at” stage.

Last thoughts:


But in all seriousness he is a very good poet to idolize. He has a lot of experience with writing and performing, dating back to at least 2007 to my knowledge.

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