Censorship: To Curse or not to curse

When I started my writing blog almost three years ago I vowed that everything would be censored. The crazy thing is I thought that I should be censored because a lot of people would be reading my blog. But of course, when I started publishing barely anyone read my posts. Now that I’m gaining more followers and a larger range of readers I’ve began to slowly creeping into my comfort zone as to what I will write and what I won’t.

Your comfort zone:

Cursing is something your parents tell you not to do when growing up, but they do it when they’re grabbing drinks with their friends. What is right and what is wrong? I think this depends on how you use your curse words? If you use them in your poetry for some form of crude humor then I recommend not using it. If you don’t want to use vulgar words at all search for some substitutes, for example instead of using the “F” word maybe use the word “screw”? Replace different words in context and see if it all has the same feel to it.

Why is this important?

This is important because poetry is raw and honest. Good poetry is brutal in it’s inability to deny the truth within the emotions that inspired you. I very rarely regret writing a poem whether it’s published online or private, but I have looked back on poems from say 2009 and thought that they were terrible. I think curse words get a bad rep because we put so much value on them but they will be something you regret in your poetry if you use them without being 100 percent sure.

Writing Goals?

Poetry, as most types of writing, can be altered to meet the requirements of any publication or prompt. Poems on a blog may require censorship depending on the domain you choose to use. Some may be more formal than others, but this domain ultimately decides what type of readership you will gain. Orient your writing based on those things.

Do what you want!

Ultimately, it is what you want it to be. Just be prepared for anyone to share their opinion with you, should you decide to be published.

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