Metaphors: How far can they take you?

I really think that if someone can write a poem successfully made out of metaphors of an event or a person they are a true poet. Not to disregard any poets who don’t use metaphors, but the ability to make your audience understand your situation without saying what it is… that’s talent.

I am a metaphoric poet. I love to elude to facts rather than give them out. Metaphors can be pushed as far as complete disorientation. They are meant to help express and describe something, someone or an event. The best metaphors are the ones that make the audience feel what you feel.


Metaphors are pretty simple, they are comparisons of two things. For example if the water rushing out of the faucet reminds you of a flood running down a street in a  neighborhood– say that.

Say: The flood coming out of the sink ran it’s way down my street. 

You’re half way there. What does this water, this flood, make you feel. That’s what you’ll add next. Then you keep building on that TFIOS Metaphormetaphor as if it were real because it feels real. Become invested in your metaphor because if you don’t, your audience will know it’s not genuine.

Say: The flood coming out of the sink ran it’s way down my street and I lost all hope that my world could return to the place it was. The place it was with you in it. 

When does it stop?

This is just an example of what can be done. Metaphors can be as small as one sentence in your poem or you could take a metaphor and run with it. Push it to it’s furthest point. In search of examples of this I found an amazing poem by someone who calls himself The Whiskey Writer. He is very blunt but undoubtedly one of the best young poets I’ve ever read. Here is an excerpt from it, it’s called “I kissed your broken fingers to mend hearts.”

“That was when I knew you were desperate for love
because we both knew you were so close to breaking
that the soft touch of my finger down your spine
might make the empty buildings inside of your chest
fill with things they no longer remembered”

Here’s an example from Michael Lottner, a poet we’ve looked at already from Poet of the Month: Suburban Sun. I hope this was helpful for anyone questioning using Metaphors! Don’t forget to check out my poetry or the other poets from previous months!

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