What Kind of Poet are you?

What type of poet are you?

This is an important question you need to ask yourself. We’ve touched on this a little bit. Poetry has the power to go anywhere and touch anyone, it all depends on the methods you use. Popular trends these days include publishing a poetry book, having a poetry blog, performing poetry and competing in poetry contests. It’s all up to you. Many established poets have done one of these or more than one. But here’s the first question you have to ask yourself:

Why am I writing poetry?

Poetry can be just an enjoyable if no one read it but you, the writer. If you want to reach other people then you need to ask yourself what kind of fan-base or following you want to establish. This may change as time goes by. I personally have always wanted to be published, whether it be a novel or a book of poetry.
I would mostly like my family and friends to read what I write and what I will write. However, as I got older I realized I would enjoy having strangers read my work as well. About two years ago I started my poetry blog on tumblr and when people started liking my posts and reblogging them I realized I can do so much more with my words than I thought. Figure out what you’re writing for and where you want your poetry to end up.

How far am I willing to go?

Now that you know why you are writing and who you want to read your poetry, you need to decide how much time and effort you are willing to put in to get where you want to be. I personally, am not very tech-savvy. Which is why I decided to use a specific domain to publish my poetry on. I am not knowledgable enough to make my own website, at least not while still in college. I digress.
Publishing a poetry book will be difficult but not impossible. I know this because I have tried to publish a novel I wrote last year and got one response from a literary agent five months after I sent it in. This was not the only agency I sent my work to.
On my search for literary agents and publishing houses, I found that many had requirements for the type of submission they would accept. Some say they will accept poetry book ideas and others will not. Getting anything published takes a lot of time and patience and it is important to commit to it. Believe in yourself and never let your faith falter.
As far as websites go, are you willing to make your own  whether on a public domain or not? If you are willing to construct it are you also willing to continue updating it? Blogging is hard because it needs to be constantly attended to otherwise you and your readers will lose momentum. Again, it is something you will need to really commit to.

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