Poet of the Month: The Whiskey Writer

Hello lovely people!! I want to first apologize for not blogging in a while, school has caught the best of me and I’m starting to get so swamped I haven’t even had a chance to write! (I know right, I am just as disgusted as you are.)
Moving on: This month’s Poet of the Month calls himself The Whiskey Writer, so I thought we should as well. He writes about what seems like very personal things about love and loss. I think a lot of people can relate to what he says and how he expresses his feelings.

The Whiskey Writer’s Style:

He uses a lot of metaphors and memories. These memories are usually painful experiences between two people. The Whiskey Writer’s poetry is the collaboration of words that everyone feels but never says. He says plainly all the things that hurt too much to say.
Every poem is very personal as if he and the reader had gone through something strong together. He personifies parts of the human body as if they were able to communicate with him. His talent is making the reader feel a sentiment that has long been forgotten. The only downside to that is, I do not recommend reading his poetry if you’re sad. Every now and then he uses vulgar language but that’s the power of The Whiskey Writer’s poetry: he is just so raw.
I think overall The Whiskey Writer is the kind of poet that most poets aim to be like. I truly believe that as an art form the two main goals of someone’s work is to make your audience feel something and to remind people how human we are by being so brutally honest. He brings both of those components to the table. His poetry is sad but I don’t feel sad for him, it’s a hard concept to explain.

Why does my poetry relate to his:

I think I am, as people are saying these days, “always in the feels.” Meaning my writing is a coping mechanism that I use often to get difficult feelings off of my chest. I write honestly, to the point where I have to go back and reedit personal facts that some people might catch and question me about. We both are very emotional people and it’s obvious that we bring that to our writing. Also he and I don’t often use curse words in our poetry but I think when we do it’s not very alarming or aggressive.

Post Card Poetry:

The Whiskey Writer has started selling post cards to people with poems on them. I asked two of my classmates what they thought and this is what they said:

Tatyanna Hunter: I liked the postcard poem idea. It was something I    never heard of. It’s a different and creative idea/spin on the normal type of poetry

Teresa Rivera: I think its a great idea! It’s like getting a present because you don’t know what it will contain but its always something beautiful

Favorite Poems by him:

Maybe answering is harder than we think
I kissed broken fingers to mend hearts


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