Writing Resolutions.

No, I don’t mean how to write a resolution. Yes, I mean making a list of resolutions for you as a writer. I got really curious as to what is it that successful writers look forward to changing or bettering on the dawn of a new year? I took it upon myself to find out. And what I found, was actually quite disappointing.
Towards the end of 2014 I presented various topics to you guys. Topics such as What kind of Poet you are and whether or not you should curse in your poetry. Over time I’ve realized that as much writing advice as anyone can give you, what you do about it is completely personal. I don’t care what anybody tells you, writing a thesis paper and writing poetry are both personal.
I did, however, find an interesting list of writers saying what their new years resolutions were, if you were having writers block. Ha-ha, get it? Okay, here’s the link. I could literally read those quotes for days. I didn’t like the first few but they get better towards the bottom.

So I want to share with you:

1. My last ode to 2014
2. My Writing Resolution

My resolution for writing and reading is to discover more poets outside of the genres that I’m comfortable with. I need to discover the greats and all those who came before me before I can really feel like a poet. I want to write more by hand. When I first started writing 8 years ago, I only wrote by hand because I didn’t have a computer.
I always feel weird when I’m typing on my laptop when someone asks me what I’m doing and I say “writing.” It’s like I’m cheating on the actual thing. Also, I read a lot in school. Only about 50% of it I enjoy. I’d like to better alternate and balance my time for reading for educational purposes versus recreational.

Happy 2015 everybody!

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