Poet of the Month: Lang Leav

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for the lengthy wait for this post. I was in Puerto Rico then I returned to school and moved into a new place. So, I’ve been busy. But don’t think that I haven’t been thinking about you all and what I wanted to write next. This month’s Poet of the Month is Lang Leav. She is my favorite poet. I could live my entire life on her poetry alone, she is so talented.
I wanted to do Lang Leav right away because her new book came out in September of last year. However, I didn’t get it until christmas. I was hoping to write about both “Love & Misadventures” (her first book) and “Lullabies.” But alas, I have not had the time to finish reading the second book.
So, here’s what we’re going to do. I will post this Poet of the Month Segment for her first book only, then return to her when I have finished the second book.

Her Style:

I’ve always felt that Lang Leav writes as some form of confessional. A lot about love and loss that she writes about sound like experiences that have stayed with her. “Love & Misadventures,” is a sort of memoir of how she went from losing to loving and I think they way she broke up her poems was very magical.
Love & MisadventuresShe writes lyrical sonnets that usually find an abab style. It seems so easy and so simple yet she leaves you speechless. Each end is never what you expect it to be once you read the beginning. (If that makes any sense).
I must say, though, the best thing about Lang Leav’s poetry is how much I feel like I know her after I’ve read it. It all seems so intimately present in both my life and hers. When I read and re-read her poems I feel like a girlfriend just listening to her talk about how she’s grown as a person.
She is a master at using metaphors to describe relationships and situations that she’s experienced. She has somehow created the words for the sentiments I could never voice. She does not have as strong of an online presence as her boyfriend Michael Faudet, which I think makes her even more interesting. There are probably a total of three pictures of her on the internet. It all contributes to the irrefutable illusion that she is the all-knowing and ever-talented poet and artist. (Yes, I’m fan-girling.)

Here are my four favorite poems in “Love & Misadventures”

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