Let’s talk about Sex…

Sex is one of those big topics that people either encourage others to write about or discourage others to even think about! It is hard to write about because whether you make love or screw (for lack of a better word), it’s personal. It’s about you and your needs versus your wants. Sex is push and pull, it’s something you must be really comfortable writing about to do it right. And by right I mean, translating what’s in your head to the page accurately.

Your comfort zone:

Sex is not something that everyone’s experienced, nor is it something that everyone wants. I think both the experienced and the inexperienced need to be a little imaginative about what they’re writing. Sex, however, is one of the many subjects where raw is better. If you’re comfortable talking dirty or mentioning details then go for it. There are some writers who’ve only ever written about sex, some who have never written about sex, and others who do every now and then. It’s important to remember that your sex life or lack of is not a required theme in your poetry.

Why is this important?

I personally think poetry is at it’s best when it’s describing relationships between two people. Whether these relationships be amicable or platonic is irrelevant. So much can happen between two people, the emotions and the physicality are both present when writing about sex. As I’ve said in previous posts, poetry is raw. It’s up to you what you want to keep personal or censored and what you want to be creatively open and raw. With that said, we all get the best inspiration from our own life events, play off those memories and events. Everything will be ten times better to the reader if the poem is directly about or based on a real situation.


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