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EMPHASIZING is your friend

One of the creative powers in writing poetry is emphasizing the important messages within the work you’ve created.  There are many ways to emphasize your poetry, the most common and most recognizable way to give emphasis is through repetition. However there are other ways to emphasize without any repetition at all.  Here are some ways to emphasize your poetry:

There are many ways you can incorporate repetition into your poetry. You can repeat singular words over and over again within the text or you could repeat specific sentences. I, personally, enjoy repeating sentences by starting and ending my poems with the same sentence. In using the same sentence to start and end the poem, you’re giving emphasis to the journey between the two points and showing the reader how the situation has changed.

For example, I wrote this a couple days ago. Notice the repetition of the first and last lines. Continue reading EMPHASIZING is your friend


Poet of the Month: Michael Lottner

Intro to Segment:

Writers like to compliment other writers, we tend to create a little community of support for one another. Many of us draw from personal experience for our poetry, so our mutual understanding of printed vulnerability means its nice to have someone to relate to. I will be highlighting one Poet/Writer per month that I feel especially passionate about. I currently follow four poets obsessively and I think they are completely deserving of more praise. These first four poets I will write about are poets I relate to in the way they write their poetry and how they make the reader feel. (Granted, they have published their own poetry books, but maybe one day…) Anyways, my first highlighted poet is Michael Lottner, a true man of words.

Michael Lottner’s Style:

Michael Lottner likes to use rhyming sequences and stanzas. He tends to write a lot about love in a metaphoric way, which I’d say is his strong suit. His sentences are short and to the point, which Continue reading Poet of the Month: Michael Lottner

Jiselle’s Evergreen: Where to draw inspiration

Inspiration for writing poetry derives from what you find yourself thinking and writing about most. Most writers and poets tend to write about things with similar themes, whether they write about people, events or things. There are many young poets today that usually write about specific subjects. For example, poetry couple Lang Leav and Michael Faudet are both published successful poets whose inspiration is drawn from different things. Michael Faudet writes about sex, a lot. If you are a follower of his work, like I am, then you will notice he usually tells his readers up front that his poetry is about sex. Lang Leav writes a lot about relationships; past, present and future. She writes about the destruction of relationships and the creation of relationships. Continue reading Jiselle’s Evergreen: Where to draw inspiration