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Poet of the Month: Lang Leav

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for the lengthy wait for this post. I was in Puerto Rico then I returned to school and moved into a new place. So, I’ve been busy. But don’t think that I haven’t been thinking about you all and what I wanted to write next. This month’s Poet of the Month is Lang Leav. She is my favorite poet. I could live my entire life on her poetry alone, she is so talented.
I wanted to do Lang Leav right away because her new book came out in September of last year. However, Continue reading Poet of the Month: Lang Leav

Are song lyrics Poetry?


Let’s discuss this. There are people in this world who are known for writing songs about other people and people who are just famous for writing songs period. Mainstream: Pharrell, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, John Mayer etc. All those people. But being a lyricist doesn’t automatically make someone a poet, in my opinion. I think there are a lot of different types of songs that someone could write. Continue reading Are song lyrics Poetry?

Poet of the Month: The Whiskey Writer

Hello lovely people!! I want to first apologize for not blogging in a while, school has caught the best of me and I’m starting to get so swamped I haven’t even had a chance to write! (I know right, I am just as disgusted as you are.)
Moving on: This month’s Poet of the Month calls himself The Whiskey Writer, so I thought we should as well. He writes about what seems like very personal things about love and loss. I think a lot of people can relate to what he says and how he expresses his feelings.

The Whiskey Writer’s Style:

He uses a lot of metaphors and memories. These memories are usually painful experiences between two people. The Whiskey Writer’s poetry is the collaboration of words that everyone feels but never says. He says plainly all the things that hurt too much to say.
Every poem is very personal as if he and the reader had gone through something strong together. He personifies parts of the human body as if they were able to communicate with him. His talent is making the reader feel a sentiment Continue reading Poet of the Month: The Whiskey Writer

Poet of the Month: Rudy Francisco

Intro to Segment:

I went through a phase this summer and part of last year when I looked up artists performing slam poetry, whether at a collegiate level or just in general. I even replayed them over and over, adding them to a playlist on youtube that I’d just let play as I was getting dressed in the morning. I will most-likely use the poets I’ve heard from Button Poetry’s Continue reading Poet of the Month: Rudy Francisco

Feature: Hood Student reflects on his passion for Poetry

Today I met with a well-known student in the Hood College community, Jamone Davis. Jamone is a Senior majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. He is known for his inspiring and emotional poetry performances on campus and within the Frederick community, like his performance in the school’s talent show and his opening poem for March on Frederick.

He has been writing poetry since he was in the 6th grade and continues to write today for himself and the pleasure of performing. Like many of us writers, he writes to vent and to express himself through writing about life experiences that either he or the people around him have experienced.

“If I see someone going through something I write about it, what I feel I write,” Davis said.

Continue reading Feature: Hood Student reflects on his passion for Poetry

Poet of the Month: Robert M. Drake

Intro to segment:

I first heard of Robert M. Drake on Instagram because many celebrities follow him and repost his poems on their own profiles. He is a published poet, living in Miami, Florida, of a new book called “Beautiful Chaos.” I’ve tried to find his poetry other places online (other than Instagram) and have been unsuccessful. If you’d like to follow him, his instagram name is @rmdrk. (You don’t need to have an instagram account to view his profile)

Robert M. Drake’s style:

Robert is an elusive writer of both personal and general human observations. He writes Continue reading Poet of the Month: Robert M. Drake