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Poet of the Month: The Whiskey Writer

Hello lovely people!! I want to first apologize for not blogging in a while, school has caught the best of me and I’m starting to get so swamped I haven’t even had a chance to write! (I know right, I am just as disgusted as you are.)
Moving on: This month’s Poet of the Month calls himself The Whiskey Writer, so I thought we should as well. He writes about what seems like very personal things about love and loss. I think a lot of people can relate to what he says and how he expresses his feelings.

The Whiskey Writer’s Style:

He uses a lot of metaphors and memories. These memories are usually painful experiences between two people. The Whiskey Writer’s poetry is the collaboration of words that everyone feels but never says. He says plainly all the things that hurt too much to say.
Every poem is very personal as if he and the reader had gone through something strong together. He personifies parts of the human body as if they were able to communicate with him. His talent is making the reader feel a sentiment Continue reading Poet of the Month: The Whiskey Writer

Metaphors: How far can they take you?

I really think that if someone can write a poem successfully made out of metaphors of an event or a person they are a true poet. Not to disregard any poets who don’t use metaphors, but the ability to make your audience understand your situation without saying what it is… that’s talent.

I am a metaphoric poet. I love to elude to facts rather than give them Continue reading Metaphors: How far can they take you?